Plus trying to write something..but these days i increasingly feel lost

and never found!
How wonderful that would be!
Problem with people like you and me is we are never satisfied with the mediocre and some restlessness keeps us on our toes all the time..searching for meaning in life and then the best answer is finding some spiritual nourishment.
I was reading chapter 12 today where H.Nooh asw is appealing to his son to board his ship but the young man refuses, arrogantly, despite pleas from his heart breaking that can be for a parent?
then he is drowned before the father’s own naked eyes and things dont stop here but H.Nooh asw is reprimanded for making a plea case for his son who was not on the right path.
Imagine if Allah had wanted the boy to think straight and be a righteous slave of Allah, that was not difficult for Him
but He chose not to do it and test his devotee who had been preaching for 950 years aming his people was being berated all along and troubled and then he went on to fulfill Allah’s command of making the Ship..
yet Allah didnt stop from testing him and the test of a child is the harshest test
harshest of the harsh..
Fruit of our hearts
why does this happen?
bcz Allah wills and His will alone shall prevail
inni faa aalul limaa yureed..
Hence ..we must bow to Him and no complaints, no stress about this or that
but how elusive it feels…!
Rahe naam Allah ka